What Are The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Your Furry Friend?

As a cat owner, you want to make sure that you provide your feline friend with things that will help to keep them entertained. When it comes to toys, there is a vast selection for you to choose from. So finding one that they will enjoy playing with shouldn’t be that difficult. To help you, we look at some of the best interactive cat toys available.

But before we do that, we are going to look at why providing your cat with toys is so important.

Through, the use of interactive toys for your cat, you are helping to bridge the gap between normal play and something a little more exciting.

Why Giving Your Cats Toys To Play With Is Important

As with any pet, including your cat, playtime is very important to their wellbeing. Not only does it help to provide them with physical exercise but also mental exercise as well. This is especially important if your cat stays indoors all the time.

Just because your cat loves to sleep for at least 16 hours each day, they require stimulation when they are awake. The best way this can be accomplished is by giving them things to play with.

As well as being a brilliant way to help stimulate your feline friends, they can help to hone their natural instincts, such as chasing and pouncing. It will also help to encourage your furry feline friend to exercise more. This will then help to reduce the risk of them becoming bored or suffering from anxiety when you leave them alone.

Also, through the use of interactive cat toys, you can develop a much stronger bond with them.

Which Interactive Toys Should You Get Your Cat?

As you’ll soon discover there are plenty of different cat toys now available for you to choose from. But deciding which one is best for your cat may prove difficult.

But before you make that all-important purchase there are a few things that you need to consider. This will help to ensure that you purchase the right interactive cat toy for your furry friend.

Does It Roll Or Move Around Easily

These types of interactive toys are great, as they will move around at the slightest touch from your cat’s paw. This will help to activate your cat’s natural predatory response.

Can Easily Carry Them In Their Mouth

As most of your cat’s play is based upon their predatory instincts; they love it if they can pick up things in their mouth. They will then carry it to you so they can show you how successful they have been at killing it. Look for toys that are relatively small, lush, and don’t weigh a lot.

Does it Light Up Or Move On Its Own

If you have to leave your feline friend home alone, then include some interactive cat toys that move or light up on their own. Choose ones that are battery-operated that move on their own or make noises that their prey makes. You could even look at investing in ones that have a light, which reflects off surfaces that they then have to try to catch.

How Old Is Your Feline Friend

You need to select the best interactive cat toys that are suitable for the age of your cat. You’ll find that kittens love you to be more hands-on when it comes to playing with them. Choose items that help to stimulate their senses such as rattly balls, fishing poles, or even phone apps.

Using toys such as mentioned above with kittens will help to teach them that your fingers and hands are not toys. So the risk of them scratching or biting you or others is unlikely to happen.

As, for older cats, you’ll find that they enjoy playing more on their own. Through this, they can show you their full range of predatory instincts. You may find that your feline friend prefers toys like exercise wheels, laser pointers, or tunnels. Through such toys, they can show their natural hunting instincts such as stalking, chasing, and killing.

So Which Of The Best Interactive Toys Available Should I Get?

So when it comes to choosing toys to get for your feline friend, always make sure that you keep the following in mind.

Safety And Durability

If you want toys that allow your cat to play on their own then make sure that there aren’t any parts on them that could come loose and could be easily swallowed. Also, make sure that the string used on toys such as the wand is heavy-duty that won’t easily come apart no matter how much your cat plays with it. You should also look carefully at how the string is attached to the wand. Does it have any sharp pieces sticking out?


You need to choose a toy that is suitable for the age or size of the cat that will be playing with it. Don’t choose large toys for kittens that are likely to harm them. As for older larger cats, you shouldn’t give them toys that are too small that they could easily swallow and could prove to be a choking hazard.


You need to not only look for toys that your cat will enjoy playing with but will also help to keep them active. So you need to make sure that the toys you choose are ones that are going to get their hunting instincts to come to the fore. It may be that you need to buy several different ones before you find the one that your cat will enjoy playing with.

When it comes to buying even the best interactive cat toys for your pet choose ones that suit their particular style of play.

Benefits Of Investing Some Of The Best Interactive Cat Toys Available

For your feline friend, you will find that play is a very important part of their life. The more physical and mental exercise your cat gets the less likely they are to cause trouble in your home.

Play is crucial to kittens as it helps to develop both their social, physical, and motor skills. As for older cats, play is crucial to help get rid of all the energy they have after they’ve been sleeping. The risk of them causing harm to them or you are reduced. Plus the chances of them causing damage in your home are also reduced.

How giving toys to your cat can improve their health and well-being:

Promotes Exercise

As your cat is likely to spend around 67% of each day asleep if they are not getting sufficient exercise when awake it could lead to health issues. Your cat, especially an indoor one, is at risk of developing conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Also, they are at greater risk of becoming overweight.

Through the use of interactive cat toys such as wands or fishing rods, you are encouraging your cat to work out.

Prevents Boredom

All cats are naturally curious and will enjoy some kind of adventure. If you don’t provide your cat with enough stimulation, they can soon become lethargic and depressed.

The best way to prevent boredom is to provide your cat with several toys to play with. This way your feline friend will always have something that they will look forward to playing with.

Helps To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Just like us, cats can suffer from stress and anxiety. Through play, you are going to help to distract your cat from these kinds of feelings that make them feel uncomfortable. You will also find that they soon begin to become more confident in the environment where they live.

Helps You To Create A Stronger Bond With Your Furry Friend

Not only will it help you to form a much stronger bond with your cat. You will also find that should you introduce another cat into your home it will help them to bond as well. Through the toys they play with, they will soon get used to each other’s smell. They will soon start to feel more comfortable around each other.

Helps To Build Your Cats Confidence

Having toys to play with is important for kittens or foster cats as it can help them to socialize with other cats more easily. The older cats will help the new cat see that the toys are there to be enjoyed. It may take a while but one day you’ll notice that your kitten or foster cat’s natural hunting instincts have kicked in.

So What Kinds Of Cat Toys Should You Be Buying?

As you’ll soon discover there are plenty of great interactive cat toys, you can buy for your feline friend. These include:

Chase And Pounce Toys

These are the kind designed to let your cat’s natural predatory instincts come out. Toys like remote-controlled mice, laser pointers, balls, and teaser wands or fishing poles are designed to encourage your cat to chase them and pounce on them.

Balls especially are an excellent choice, as cats of all ages seem to love these. Not only will they help to keep your cat engaged for long periods. You will find that they help your cat to get plenty of exercises. But make sure that you choose balls that your cat is able to easily roll around with their paws.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Just like Kong’s for dogs, there are now treat-dispensing toys that your furry friend can enjoy. These toys will help with expressing your cat’s natural stalking behavior because as they push the toy around will release treats for them. There are also cat food puzzles you may want to try as well.

Laser Pointers

These are a great source of enjoyment for many cats. You can either choose to use a handheld one or instead of use one that operates on its own. Either way, you’ll find that your cat loves to try to catch the light beam as it reflects off different surfaces.

Phone & Tablet Apps

Some cats are actually interested in what they can see on a phone or tablet screen. This is why there are apps now available that have been specially developed for cat owners to use. As well as being colorful they help to further hone your pet’s natural hunting skills. Best to make sure that if you are intending to use such interactive cat toys, you keep the phone or tablet in your hand or on a flat surface.

So we’ve taken a look at some of the benefits to be had from buying interactive cat toys for your feline friend. As well as the kinds of interactive toys that are worth considering buying.

Now we are going to take a look at some of the best interactive cat toys you can get for your furry friend today.

5 Of The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Your Furry Friend

MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toy

Looking for one of the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats, then this one is worth considering. This is the perfect choice for those cats who really love to chase things. With its extending wand plus long strings, it covers a large space for your cat to play with. You can even play with your cat whilst you are relaxing on the sofa.

With this, you get 2 telescopic cat wands, 5 natural feathers, 4 squiggly worms, and 2 extra strings with clasps.


  • The featherweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Fitted with easy to open clips making it convenient to use and to change feathers
  • Made from materials that aren’t toxic


  • Isn’t really suitable for big cats to play with

UPSKY Roller 3-Level Turntable Toy

This is a toy that not only stimulates your feline friend’s senses but also really helps to bring out their hunting instincts. If you are looking for the best interactive cat toys for bored cats, then this one is worth thinking of getting. The multi-levels mean that your cat can have hours of fun as they try to chase the balls around it. Also, the use of coloured balls in the design is something that most cats find attractive.


  • The different layers can easily be taken apart, making it much easier for you to clean
  • The non-slip base will ensure that it will not move or rollover as your cat plays with it
  • The use of high-quality PP material ensures that it is durable and resistant to tearing
  • Can be used by more than one cat at a time


  • Some people may find assembling this toy a little difficult
  • Some cats may find that they aren’t interested in playing with it

BENTOPAL Cat Laser Toy

One of the best interactive toys for indoor cats, and is also suitable for cats that are allowed to spend time outdoors. Once you turn this toy on the red laser light will project onto a wall, floor, or another surface. It will immediately catch your cat’s attention and motivate them to hunt, chase and try to catch the light. The perfect toy to ensure that your cat gets plenty of mental and physical exercise, as they need each day.


  • Can be powered using batteries or through connection to a USB port
  • Laser light in this toy is ranked, as Class 2 so will not harm your cat’s eyes
  • The button on the toy allows you to change the speed at which the light moves
  • A switch on the top allows you to alter the range of the light
  • As well as being able to stand-alone you can also hold the device as well


  • You may find that not all cats find this toy interesting

FIOIQ Cat Food Tumbler Toy

For those looking for interactive cat toys that won’t just keep their furry friend amused, but also provide treats. Then this is definitely a good toy to think about buying for your feline buddy. This toy comes with a number of different functions. Not only is it a food dispenser but is also a great toy to really enhance your cat’s natural hunting skills. As your cat plays with the basis treats will be released. This will encourage your cat to continue chasing and trying to catch the balls.


  • It will help to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated
  • The toy is well made and is solid
  • Will slow down how much food your cat eats
  • The design will help to extend the hunting difficulty
  • Are able to adjust the size of the two holes through which food is dispensed


  • May find opening the toy initially to put in treats may prove difficult
  • Some cats may not show any interest in playing with this toy
  • For some cats getting the treats out of it may prove too simple

Bamboo Track Ball Toy

This interactive cat toy is made completely from bamboo and so is very durable. The inclusion of a non-slip base ensures that no matter how much your cat plays with it, the toy will not tip over. The balls rolling around the track will immediately catch your cat’s attention. Looking for a cat toy that will help to really bring out your cat’s hunting instincts, look no further.


  • Each part comes apart easily, so you can choose how tall the toy is, also makes it much easier to clean
  • Provide your cat with hours of exercise and help to prevent them from becoming bored or depressed
  • Great toy for one cat or several cats to play with
  • Reduce the risk of them causing damage to furniture in your home


  • Some cats may not be interested in playing with it
  • You may find that your feline friend doesn’t like the sound of the bell in one of the balls
  • Large cats may find that playing with this is difficult as it is too small for them

So which are the best interactive cat toys that you really should think about getting for your furry friend?

As already mentioned above there are plenty of wonderful interactive toys you can now buy for your cat. However, just remember to take into consideration not only your cat’s age and size but also their personality.

But one of the best interactive toys we would suggest you consider buying is the MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toy. As well as coming with an extensive selection of different parts that will help to keep your cat amused. This is also a toy that we feel is suitable for cats of all ages.

This is also a toy made using materials that aren’t only safe but also eco-friendly. Plus the company that produces this toy has taken the owners well being into consideration as well. They have fitted the wand with a foam handle so it is comfortable to hold.

It doesn’t weigh a great deal so playing with your cat with this toy won’t prove difficult. You can even play with your cat with this toy whilst you sit and relax on the sofa watching TV.

Certainly, this is one of the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats to enjoy playing with. It will certainly help to really bring out your furry friend’s hunting instincts, along with ensuring that they get plenty of mental and physical stimulation each day.

As already mentioned, this toy is perfect for cats of all ages, even older cats will love playing with this toy. You may notice that your buddy has suddenly become a kitten again once they start playing with this beautiful toy.

Through this article, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect interactive cat toy for your feline friend. Not only will the toy you choose help to keep your beautiful furry friend mentally and physically stimulated. It is also going to be the best interactive cat toys that will help you to form an even stronger bond with them.

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