Should You Feed Freeze-dried Raw Food to Your Cat?

Should You Feed Freeze-dried Raw Food to Your Cat?

Freeze-dried raw cat food has gained massive popularity lately for its miraculous benefits among pet parents. Celebrities like Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey also praised it! What goes into your cat’s stomach is crucial so we need to verify claims and see how good it actually is.

The guaranteed analysis of freeze-dried raw food shows promising outcomes. Unlike kibbles and canned food, freeze-dried food is not prepared at high temperatures. There are some more key differences between traditional cat food and freeze-dried food. More about that later in this article.

Why is feline nutrition more important than fixing health problems later?

Feline nutrition plays a big role in a cat’s health and well-being. Do you know some diet mistakes are irreversible? Moreover, a cat’s existing medical conditions also affect the nutrition it requires. So, understanding feline nutrition is more crucial than we think.

This leads to another question, what sort of food is the best for cats. Many of you switch the cat’s kibble to canned food, raw food, freeze-dried premium kibbles, homemade food, prescription foods, or simply add supplements to their diet.

There’s no straightforward answer to this question because it depends on multiple other things which we will discuss in the article. More importantly, we will focus on whether we freeze-dried raw cat food.

According to Tiffany Morefield, DVM, Author & Veterinary Advisor at Dogneedsbest, “a cat’s daily food provides the daily dose of nutrition and energy for the proper functioning of the body. If the cat’s diet is not wholesome, balanced, and incomplete, it will harm your cat in the long run.”

When any organ(s) in the cat’s body doesn’t get their fair share of nutrients, they won’t be able to perform their functions properly causing medical conditions. If it’s too late, some damages are irreversible.

That said, it is always better to ensure that your cat is eating the right food than treating the cat later.

What is freeze-dried raw cat food?

Raw food is considered to be nutritious for cats. This fact alone doesn’t make raw food the best diet for cats. Despite being the closest diet of cats in the wild, raw food has some downsides.

First, raw food, available to purchase from stores or a butcher’s shop, harbors pathogens that may make a cat badly sick. Not only that, those pathogens may pass safely from the cat’s gastrointestinal tract.

There are chances of you contracting those pathogens from litter boxes. So, yes raw food poses some health risks for you and your cats.

Freeze-dried raw food is a little different though. The freeze-drying process draws out all the moisture from the food in low-temperature vacuum conditions. Once the food is prepared, it is packed in an air-tight container.

This way, the food stays away from moisture, and its shelf life increases. The freeze-drying process removes the moisture by sublimation process. The sublimation process refers to the direct conversion of ice to vapor.

However, some pathogens still make it through the process. So, the food still poses a health risk for you and your cats.

How nutritious is freeze-dried food anyway?

The freeze-dried food is all-natural and mimics the natural diet of cats. Moreover, the process increases the shelf life significantly. Of course, the texture is changed through the process but it’s easy to rehydrate and regain the original texture and the flavor.

There is no high-temperature cooking involved unlike in the case of standard kibbles and canned food. Moreover, the raw food is not tailored like kibbles. Let me explain.

Dry cat food is a blend of different ingredients processed at higher temperatures to ensure it delivers the optimum nutrition to cats. However, many companies prepare the blend the way it has the least amount of nutrients required for a cat.

The process occurring at high temperatures already strips away the nutrients present in the food and then cheap fillers to reduce the cost of the final product. Even if the nutrient profile of the final product is serviceable, the composition of the product is harmful to cats.

Cats require a high-protein and high-fat diet to thrive and their prey provides them with everything in the wild. Most industrially prepared kibble has more starch and carbs than required which is harmful to them.

So all in all, freeze-dried raw food potentially is better than kibble. Nevertheless, there are some brands that tailor the best quality kibble and even run tests to see how a cat’s body responds to that diet.

Is there any way you can feed freeze-dried food safely?

Yes, there is a way you can ensure that freeze-dried raw food is free of pathogens. If you have a freeze dryer at home, you may want to prepare homemade raw freeze-dried food but there’s no way you can ensure that there are no pathogens in the raw meat you’ve bought unless you know it’s fresh.

Moreover, you will have to choose different meat sources, veggies, berries, and add supplements to make it a completely balanced food. So, it’s a little bit difficult to prepare freeze-dried raw food for your cat at home.

But there’s an easy way to feed freeze-dried food to your cat. You can purchase commercially produced freeze-dried raw cat food kibbles. They source all ingredients fresh and through processes like high-pressure pasteurization, they ensure the food is pathogen-free.

In addition, some companies that produce premium freeze-dried cat food add some exotic superfoods and ingredients to improve holistic health as well. Such diets are potentially capable of treating some illnesses.

For example, Dr. Marty Pets company is offering premium quality freeze-dried cat food blend with all-natural ingredients including some exotic ones as well. The company was founded by none other than the celebrated veterinarian, Dr. Marty Goldstein.

He has about 40 years of experience in veterinary practices and treated so many dogs and cats with food and treatments. His diet recommendations for holistic health have treated a lot of pets. Their recipe has been tested and helped many cats thrive again.

The Endnote

We have discussed freeze-dried raw cat food in its entirety and saw how helpful it can be along with the downsides of it when prepared at home. Some industrially prepared kibbles do not conform with cats’ natural diet in the wild. In that case, you should go with the kibble brand that runs tests on cats and see how their food works towards the better health and well-being of cats in general.

If you’re wondering if freeze-dried raw food is a good option for your cat then yes, definitely it’s great and safe.

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