Cool Cat Names

Cool Cat Names from Around the World. They've been worshiped as gods. They've been trained by the government as spies. Is there anything that cats can't?



Well, they can't name themselves!

If you're looking for cool cat names, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of fun, adorable, quirky, and unforgettable cat names that are perfect for the newest feline in your household.

Let's get started by breaking down different types of cats and the names that might suit them.

Cool Female Cat Names

Female cat names can range from goofy to glamorous, so your first step is figuring out where you'd like your cat's name to fall on the spectrum.

For example, if you're looking for a yummy name, you might go with something short and sweet:

- Cupcake
- Cookie
- Brownie
- Cocoa
- Muffin
- Peanut

On the other hand, if you're looking for something with elegance, you might try a cool, celestial name:

- Luna
- Venus
- Aurora
- Andromeda
- Nova
- Comet

If you like cute, cuddle-worthy names, consider the following:

- Bubbles
- Buttons
- Ladybug
- Pipsqueak
- Noodle
- Tiny

Do you watch a lot of TVs? Here are some fun female names from pop culture:

- Xena (from "Xena: Warrior Princess")
- Scarlett (from "Gone With the Wind")
- Daisy (from "The Great Gatsby")
- Ripley (from "Alien")
- Bella (from "Twilight")

Greek mythology has a lot of cool names, too:

- Artemis
- Persephone
- Maia
- Athena
- Calypso
- Circe

Cool Male Cat Names

Male cat names are just as diverse as females ones, so again, you'll need to decide if you're looking for something cute, clever, unique, sophisticated, traditional, or just plain awesome.

If you want an adorable name, stick with food:

- Pancake
- Peaches
- Butterscotch
- Cinnamon
- Almond
- Hershey
- Squash

If you're a fan of the classics, you might like these names:

- Lucky
- Buddy
- Patches
- Leo
- Max
- Milo

Many male cat names come from popular books and movies:

- Simba (from "The Lion King")
- Sylvester (from "Loony Tunes")
- Romeo (from "Romeo and Juliet")
- Loki (from "The Avengers")
- Rocky (from "Rocky")
- Finn (from "Huckleberry Finn")
- Dexter (from "Dexter")

You can also flip through history books to find the names of kings, conquerors, emperors, and pharaohs:

- Arthur
- Caesar
- Alexander
- Khan
- Caligula
- Nero
- Constantine
- Ramses

You can even name your cat after your favorite car!

- Ferrari
- Falcon
- Mustang
- Magnum
- Viper
- Talon
- Javelin

Cool Girl Cat Names

Some of the prettiest cat names are ones that can also be used for people. Instead of going for something cute but obviously animal-inspired like "Claws" or "Fuzzbutt," you can look at genuine baby girl names from around the world.

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, here are the top 10 names for female infants:

- Emma
- Olivia
- Ava
- Isabella
- Sophia
- Charlotte
- Mia
- Amelia
- Harper
- Evelyn

These are limited to the U.S., however. What are some exotic names that can double as cool girl cat names?

Japan has a lot of cute, short names:

- Mio
- Yuki
- Momo
- Rin
- Sakura

India has girl names that are rife with meaning:

- Amara (eternal)
- Rina (gem)
- Keya (flower)
- Viti (light)
- Mirai (miracle)

Last but certainly not least, the French language has names that are just as gorgeous as the City of Light. While you might not want to name your cat something like Viaduc de Millau, there's nothing wrong with the following cool female cat names:

- Amélie
- Élise
- Madeleine
- Coraline
- Noémie

Cool Black Cat Names

It's a myth that black cats get adopted less than cats of other colors. In one study by the ASPCA, black cats were actually adopted at higher rates than gray and brown cats! You don't have to worry about the poor little pusses being left behind at animal shelters.

If you're one of these new black cat owners, however, you're going to need a name for your dark-haired companion. The good news is that you'll have plenty of options.

The most common black cat names usually have something to do with darkness:

- Midnight
- Pepper
- Shade
- Shadow
- Onyx
- Opal
- Jet
- Inky

If you want something a little more original, you can explore thematic words that are related to dark, dramatic atmospheres:

- Salem
- Danger
- Phantom
- Spooky
- Night/Knight
- Nebula
- Blackout

You might even go for a famous name. There are all kinds of demons, witches, wizards, monsters and vampires that make great black cat names.

- Elvira
- Damien
- Dracula
- Merlin
- Frankenstein
- Morticia

Cool White Cat Names

White cats can range from slinky Siameses to goofy, puffy-tailed Persians. Fortunately, there are all kinds of white cat names to match your feline's unique personality!

For adorable cats, you might choose something that's just as precious as they are:

- Sugar
- Marshmallow
- Cottonball
- Creampuff
- Snowflake
- Riceball
- Cool Whip
- Q-Tip

For a more refined "aristocrat," you can choose a beautiful, meaningful name:

- Pearl
- Winter
- Faith
- Alabaster
- Cleopatra
- Ghost
- Ivory

You can also play on your cat's coloring with temperature or food-related names:

- Frosty
- Snowball
- Chowder
- Coconut
- Avalanche
- Peppermint Patty

You might even take a stroll through your garden for name inspiration. There are all kinds of pale-blooming plants that make for amazing white cat names:

- Lily
- Tulip
- Snowdrop
- Daffodil
- Gardenia
- Hibiscus
- Iris
- Periwinkle
- Snapdragon

Cool Grey Cat Names

Let's dive right into gray cat names. There are a lot of them, so we need to cover all possibilities for your little monochrome kitty.

Many gray cat names are related to fire:

- Ash
- Cinder
- Ember
- Smokey
- Smores

You'll also find plenty of gray cat names that have to do with the weather:

- Storm
- Misty
- Sky/Skye
- Dusk
- Cloud

Don't be afraid to get creative, however. Gray cats can have pigments that range from light dove grays to deep-set charcoal grays, and you might find the perfect name by considering something that complements their coat.

For light grays that include white and silver:

- Mercury
- Bullet
- Breezy
- Tinsel
- Jewel
- Diamond

For dark grays that hover around black:

- Sage
- Flash
- Karma
- Mystique
- Seraphina

Cool Orange Cat Names

Orange cat names aren't as straightforward as others. There aren't a lot of orange things in nature, so it isn't as easy as naming a black cat "Shadow" or a white cat "Snowball."

Fortunately, we're here to help. We've picked some cool orange cat names that will bring a smile to your face as you snuggle with your russet-colored feline.

For starters, there are several orange foods that can make for cute cat names:

- Nacho
- Dorito
- Cheeto
- Macaroni
- Pumpkin
- Paprika
- Saffron
- Sherbet
- Carrot
- Cheddar

You can also find an abundance of orange flowers that work as cat names:

- Poppy
- Marigold
- Begonia
- Rosa
- Zinnia
- Lantana

You might consider giving your cat a famous name. Lots of orange-colored animals have graced the big screen:

- Garfield (from "Garfield")
- Nemo (from "Finding Nemo")
- Tigger (from "Winnie the Pooh")
- Charmander (from "Pokemon")
- Aslan (from "The Chronicles of Narnia")

Fire names are another classic. They can give your cat a more mature or sophisticated aura if you don't want something cute or related to pop culture. Try one of the following:

- Blaze
- Ember
- Glow
- Flame
- Flare
- Torch

Cool Boy Cat Names

Boy cat names can be tricky. A lot of Latin-based male names have strong, archaic meanings, so if you aren't careful, you might wind up naming your clumsy kitten the equivalent of "the sword-wielding rain god from beyond the mountains."

Do you want something a little less intimidating? We've got you covered.

Here are the 10 most popular baby names for boys in America:

- Liam
- Noah 
- William 
- James 
- Oliver 
- Benjamin 
- Elijah 
- Lucas 
- Mason 
- Logan 

Hop across the pond to England, and the list looks like this:

- Harry
- George 
- Noah
- Jack 
- Jacob
- Leo
- Oscar
- Charlie 

Italy also has quite a few boy names that are suitable for cats:

- Gabriel
- Lorenzo
- Leonardo
- Antonio
- Giuseppe

For something completely different, try a name from Africa:

- Alamini (Kenya)
- Peponi (Zanzibar)
- Danso (Ghana)
- Tafi (Togo)
- Akello (Uganda) 

Funny Cat Names

Does your cat make you laugh? If you're looking for a name that matches their personality just as much as their fur color or tail length, you're in luck. There are lots of snappy things that you can call your witty kitty.

If you're a fan of puns, you might consider something that will make all of your friends groan:

- Clawdia
- Jennifurr
- Tabbytha

The wordplay can extend to jokes and riffs on celebrities:

- Jude Paw
- Brad Kitt
- Cindy Clawford
- Anderson Pooper
- Shakespurr
- Cat Damon

Don't forget fictional characters!

- Katniss
- Meowgli
- Oedipuss
- Catman
- Catticus Finch

If you prefer a name that isn't linked to another person, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to play around with the word "cat" itself. You can create all kinds of silly, funny cat names with a thesaurus and a little bit of creativity:

- Catillac
- Cattitude
- Catsup

Amusing cat names don't have to be punny, however. You can bring a smile to your face with any number of cute and ironic cat names:

- Dog
- Bacon
- Teacup
- Whiskers
- Achoo
- Gigabyte
- Gumdrop
- Razzmatazz 

These are just a few examples of cool cat names for the newest and fuzziest member of your family. What do you think? Did we miss any great names that belong on the list? Do you have any questions about the names or meanings that we've highlighted? Let us know!

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