Can Cats Have Strawberries?

Every pet owner wants to give their furry friend a sweet treat now and then. However, it’s always best to be sure of what foods are safe for animals to eat. Strawberries are a juicy, sweet snack that many people love to eat in many forms: strawberry yogurt, jam, ice cream, and, of course, regular strawberries. Although cats don’t typically crave sugary sweet foods like strawberries, cat owners may be tempted to let their cats try one. You may wonder if it is safe for cats to eat strawberries or foods containing strawberries. If you’re wondering “Can cats have strawberries?”, read on to find out.

Can cats eat strawberries?

The simple answer to the question “Can cats have strawberries?” is yes. However, there are some things to know regarding strawberries and your cat’s diet.

Strawberries are non-toxic and safe for cats to eat, but they do not offer basically any nutritional benefits for cats. The main part of a cat’s diet should be protein, which is not found in strawberries.
Although strawberries have plenty of anti-oxidants, they would not benefit your cat unless eaten excessively. This helpful video explains how strawberries affect cats:

Even though strawberries are technically safe for cats to eat, they should still be eaten in moderation. As a precaution, be sure not to over-feed your cat strawberries. They are a very sugary fruit and could cause issues if too many are consumed.
Diarrhea or digestive irritation could occur if your cat eats too many strawberries at once, so only allow your cat to eat only one small strawberry at a time. If you are worried that your cat has eaten too much, you can call your vet for advice.

Can cats eat strawberry ice cream?

Although strawberries are a moderately safe treat for cats to enjoy, there is a difference between strawberries and strawberry-flavored foods.

Your cat won’t develop a serious illness if a bit of ice cream is consumed, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe to enjoy.
Strawberry-flavored foods include a ton of processed sugar, which is certainly not healthy for cats. Even if the food is sugar-free, it probably includes an artificial sweetener. Xylitol, a very common artificial sweetener, can be harmful to many animals, including cats. Although some artificial sweeteners are safe for cats, they still offer no nutritional benefits to cats and should always be avoided.

If your cat appears to be attracted to ice cream, it’s probably because of the high fat and carbohydrate amounts in the ice cream. In addition, cats also love the whole milk that is in nearly every type of ice cream.
Although ice cream isn’t good for cats to consume, a spoonful of ice cream made with natural ingredients is fine as an occasional treat.

However, you should still remember that too much ice cream can lead to plenty of problems, including diarrhea. Cats are lactose intolerant, despite the fact that kittens consume their mothers’ milk.
As cats grow, they stop producing the enzyme that allows them to digest milk. This results in an inability to consume milk. This article explains more about how milk and ice cream affect cats.

Overall, it is best to talk to your veterinarian before giving your cat any questionable foods, including strawberry ice cream. Generally, it is best to avoid feeding ice cream to your cat, but a veterinarian may know of some safe options.

Can cats eat strawberry yogurt?

As previously stated, high amounts of sugar can be bad for cats to consume. Yogurt is one food that may seem perfectly safe for cats, as it is a healthy food that people often eat. Yogurt often contains lots of sugar, but unsweetened yogurt is typically okay to give to your cat. Although yogurt is classified as a dairy product, it contains natural bacteria that can be easily broken down in your cat’s digestive system. That natural bacteria can also be beneficial for your cat’s health in many ways.

It’s best to start out with just a taste to see how your cat reacts. If it doesn’t upset your cat’s stomach or cause any other issues, you can probably give your cat a small amount as a treat. Although yogurt is generally safe for your cat to eat, flavored yogurt is a different situation – and that includes strawberry yogurt. Most strawberry yogurts contain artificial flavorings and sugar that won’t be good for your cat, so try to stick to plain, unflavored yogurt.

However, some yogurts have fruit at the bottom. Yogurt with strawberries on the bottom could be a good treat if your cat enjoys it. This article explains more about what types of yogurt are fine for cats to consume.

Can cats eat strawberry jam?

If your cat truly enjoys the taste of strawberries, some sugar-free strawberry jam could be a decent treat. Be sure to choose one with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, as jam contains even more sugar than strawberries.
You should only give your cat a very small amount, as too much can still be an issue. Your cat’s diet should be mostly protein, so any sweet foods should be just an occasional treat for your cat to enjoy.

Overall, it can be concluded that strawberries are usually okay for cats to consume in small amounts. However, strawberry-flavored foods such as ice cream, yogurt, and jam should be given with caution. Due to artificial sweeteners, high milk content, and excessive sugars in these foods, they may not always be a good treat for your cat.
It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new treats into your cat’s diet. As cat owners, we all want our furry friends to be happy and healthy. Although it can be very tempting to allow them to eat whatever they want, it’s best to seek information first from a professional. After all, safety is always a priority!


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