Who isn’t inspired by the sweet purring of a kitten or the gentle cuddles from an adoring cat?
Kitties Or Cats are hard to resist. Their sensitive and almost all-knowing eyes draw you in and tug at your heart. As a cat lover, it is easy to appreciate the different personalities of each and every cat. No two are alike. There’s the adoring, always purring and cuddly little kitty, who never wants to leave your side. There’s the aloof, wise kitty who seems smarter than most of your human friends. There’s the silly, energetic kitty who loves to garner a laugh from his humans. What about the skittish, always hiding kitty? Every noise or change sends her hiding, but when all is quiet, she will come out for a special cuddle.
All cat lovers know the power of a purring kitty to calm, relax, and ease the anxieties of every day. All is okay in the world with a purring kitty on your lap.
TooCoolCats was inspired by the loving, aristocratic, fun-loving, stubborn, mischievous, laidback, funny, agile, playful, intelligent, loyal, inquisitive, sensitive, faithful, clever, leg-rubbing kitties and cats in our lives. That’s why we select each product to best simulate the expressiveness and sentimentality of our beloved cats. Our products will make you and your cats feel PURRFECTLY fabulous!