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Too Cool Cats by Markiee

Flippity Fish Cat Toy(New)

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Buy this valuable gift for your cat. It won't disappoint you and your cat. Handy and easy for pet owner to carry anywhere.


Your beloved cat can become dull or less interactive due to boredom or loneliness. It might be because you are busy with work. But your furry friend needs a companion to play with and remain active.

The wiggling floppy fish cat toy is ultra-realistic, rechargeable, and motion-activated. Its movements and construction will never doubt your cat about its authenticity. The Flippity Fish Cat Toy also helps in improving your cat's hunting skills. Your four-legged partner will remain healthy and happy no matter how hectic your routine is.

Realistic Looks & Movements:

The Flippity Fish Cat Toy is made with non-toxic, eco-friendly material, which gives it a lifelike construction, and it looks like a real fish flopping out of the water. Its natural movements will attract your cat to lick and play with it. The three sequential movement modes with tail flapping make it more realistic.

Soft & Durable:

The Flippity Fish Cat Toy is made from soft fabric used for baby toys to make it super soft for your cat's jaws and gums. It is also incredibly durable as your furry friend can play with it for an extended period.

Premium Interior Padding:

The Flippity Fish Cat Toy padding is a blend of cotton and plush material, making the outer layer super soft and protective for your cat's jaws. It makes chewing, biting, and hitting easier for your cat.

Built-In Motion Touch Sensor:

There is a built-in motion sensor in the Flippity Fish Cat Toy to intrigue your cat towards it and let your four-legged friend play and get trained for hunting with it.

Catnip Side Pouch:

The side pouch in the Flippity Fish Cat Toy is filled with catnip to attract your cat towards it; moreover, it is refillable; hence you can fill it again after washing it.

Endless Fun with Some Exercise:

The Flippity Fish Cat Toy helps reduce the boredom and loneliness of your cat while enhancing its physical activities like chewing, biting, and playing with it. It helps in doing cat's exercise to release the pressure.

USB Charging with Long Lasting Battery:

The chargeable battery inside the Flippity Fish Cat Toy makes it protective and pocket-friendly for both your pet and you.

You need to charge it once only for 1 hour, and your cat can play with it for a whole day with 150 different movement cycles.

Washable & Reusable Cover With Detachable Motor:

You can wash and reuse the Flippity Fish Cat Toy's cover as the inside battery motor is detachable. You can take care of your cat's hygiene by keeping its toy clean.

Auto-Off & Standby Mode:

When the Flippity Fish Cat Toy is alone, it automatically turns off to avoid battery drainage and extend the life of your cat's toy.

Charging Indicator:

A charging indicator light gets red when the battery is low and even it’s charging. You have to wait for the next game until the light turns green.

Overwhelming Gift Idea:

Nothing would be better than the Flippity Fish Cat Toy to present as a gift to a cat owner. We guarantee that both the cat and its owner are going to love you after receiving it.


Material: Cotton, Plush, and ABS.

HOW does it work:

There is no hard and fast rule to play with the floppy fish cat toy. Once your cat comes near it or touches it, the tail will automatically wiggle, giving an accurate fish impression.

The package includes:

✓ Flippity Fish Cat Toy x 1

✓ USB Cable x 1

✓ User Instruction x 1

Only express delivery:

👉 US/UK/CA/AU shipping time: 4-14 business days

👉 International shipping time: 14-28 business days

Customer Reviews

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Works ok and the singing being in Chinese language adds to the fun


Товар получила только сейчас , но он почему-то был завершен , хотя я этого не делала . Все работает . Отличная игрушка . Заряжается от сети . Рыбка очень сильно виляет хвостиком и звучит очень громкая музыка . Кошки сначала испугались . Музыка здесь лишняя совершенно . Большой минус - товар шел очень долго с ноября 2020 года , пришел 24 февраля 2021 в почтовое отделение . Продавца рекомендую .


Звук громкий, жаль нельзя другие песни закачать. Майкл Джексон , удивило ))))))))