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Too Cool Cats by Markiee

Windmill Cat Toy

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✓ How do you feel when you are lonely? Your cat also feels lonely?

✓ Buy this valuable gift for your cat. It won't disappoint you and your cat. Handy and easy for pet owner to carry anywhere.

✓ Designed to satisfy the cats' hunting instinct, the Windmill Cat Toy has two transparent grooves to place mint balls, bells, or light balls to attract them. Moreover, you can install it anywhere in your home without any drilling.

Self-Groomer or Massager:

✓ The smell-free soft bristles in the middle of the Windmill Cat Toy allow your cat to groom herself while playing and enjoying. 

Toothbrush Toy:

 The bumps on the windmill cat toy's surface help clean the cat's teeth while removing oral odor.

Reduce Cat Anxiety:

✓ The windmill cat toy reduces cat anxiety due to boredom and irritation as it brings various cat games and movements. It helps to keep your cat healthy and focused.

Multi-Function Toy:

✓ The windmill cat toy helps groom your cat as it is made according to your cat's lifestyle. The soft silicone bristles help in cleaning teeth, combing hair, and you can put anything (bells, catnip, LED balls, or anything your cat loves) in the transparent bins to amuse your cat.

Soft & Safe Material:

✓ The Windmill Cat Toy is made of bite-resistant silicone material. Also, it is BPA-free, non-toxic, and highly durable, ensuring that it will never harm your cat.

Strong Suction Cup:

The strong suction cup of windmill cat toy's bottom can stick to any clean surface like doors, windows, mirror, bathtub, walls, floors, and under the table. It is not suitable for stucco surfaces. It would be best if you wet it first before sticking it to the surface.

✓ Make sure the surface is flat and smooth.

✓ Wet the suction cup before attaching it to the surface.

✓ Place it on a particular point and put some pressure on it. 


✓ Due to the problems of lighting effects and shooting angle, there will be a certain tolerance in the product, please understand.

✓ Due to manual measurement, the product has some size tolerances.

The package includes:

✓ Windmill Cat Toy x 1

✓ Glowing ball x 1

✓ Catnip x 1

Only express delivery:

👉 US/UK/CA/AU shipping time: 4-14 business days

👉 International shipping time: 14-28 business days

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