Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

If you are a cat owner, you probably recognize the signs of an annoyed cat: flattened ears, narrowed eyes, and a wagging tail. The sound of a human sneeze can be loud and unexpected, annoying your cat. A noise like that can instigate reactions, like causing the cat to sprint from the room.

Your cat may sneer at you, leap off your lap, or just sit and stare to let you know you have made them angry. Perhaps you have thought, my cat makes a funny noise when I sneeze. noticed that when you sneeze, your cat makes a sound that resembles a sneeze. Some cats mimic sounds that startle them, even chirping like a bird.

Why does my cat run away when I sneeze

Have you noticed that when you sneeze, “Achoo,” your cat opens his eyes widely and sprints from the room? Perhaps instead your cat meows or chirps like a bird when you sneeze. Odd as it may sound, these reactions and others are pretty normal for your feline friend.

The bottom line is that cats dislike loud noises, sneezes included, and they will react to an “Achoo” in unpredictable and strange behaviors. When cats perch on a windowsill and watch birds or squirrels, for example, they may mimic the sounds these animals make.

Why does my cat meow when I sneeze

When some cat owners sneeze, they report their cat looks at them and meows, as if they are concerned. Obviously, this is how your cat communicates with you. Some cat owners even imagine their cat is saying “Bless you.”

Other cat owners believe their cat is asking them if they are all right. And the humans who realize communication with their pet is important, some may even answer the cat by saying, “Thank you,” and “I’m just fine.”

It probably comes as no surprise to you that a highly energetic breed of cat meows more than a low-energy breed. Asian cat breeds, such as the Siamese, are prone to something called “excessive vocalization.” What this means are that male and female cats that have not been spayed or neutered become incredibly vocal while they are mating or in heat.

In rare cases, some cats suffer from a disorder called cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), which can include “night waking” where the cat meows excessively. When a cat’s meowing becomes uncontrollable and frequent, during the day or night, it’s called excessive vocalization.

Here are a few reasons why your cat acts like a cat:

  • Cats prefer a routine. And since they are creatures of habit, when someone or something “upsets their applecart,” they react, often unpredictably.
  • Cats have excellent hearing. Any type of loud noise, including a human sneeze, can be jarring to them. They startle easily.
  • Cats have built-in protection against loud noises, small muscles in the inner ear that contract in response to a loud noise. However, unexpected sounds, like a sneeze, may occur too quickly for the muscles to contract.
  • Cats have different personalities; some are hypersensitive, some are jumpy, and some may show now reaction to loud noises.
  • Cats can be trained to become used to loud noises as long as you start when they’re kittens. Early trauma however may have long-lasting consequences.
  • Cats may simply have anxiety and dislike noise in general.

Obviously, some cats are unable to handle the noise and will respond by running away or bounding throughout the house. One minute, cats are lying in the living room, chilling, and then they hear a noise and they sprint from the room as if a bomb exploded.

Why does my cat make a funny noise when I sneeze

Some cats actually see your sneeze as a hiss. Imagine! Of course, if a cat believes he or she is being hissed at, they can react violently by lunging at their owner, they may also bite, scratch, and hiss right back.

As silly as it may sound, a simple sneeze may cause your cat to react aggressively. Your best defense is to be proactive—if you feel a sneeze coming on, prepare yourself for an unpredictable reaction from your beloved cat. If the cat had been sitting on your lap, you will probably end up with a few painful scratches.

You may call yourself lucky to own a cat who shows no reaction to your sneeze. Most cats will react to a sneeze. Just as every human being is a unique individual, cats are also unique. Every cat has idiosyncrasies, peccadillos, likes, and dislikes, and abilities to tolerate or react to annoyances.

Animals, especially cats, are unpredictable. Cats are known for their mysterious personalities, and humans can hardly predict anything they do. It’s why we love them! So, know you can answer your own question why does my cat meow when I sneeze?

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Sources: Catster.com

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